Our Story

Startup Effect was founded in 2012 by four Venture For America Fellows who wanted to instill entrepreneurship into the fabric of developing U.S. cities. They understood the essence of that fabric is comprised of all the young minds who will inevitably become our nation’s next generation of progress. Then and today, the mission of Startup Effect is clear:

To build entrepreneurship into the culture of American cities by empowering youth with the necessary tools to think independently, proactively, and creatively, resulting in innovation and value creation.

Even more, Startup Effect exists to provide Venture For America Fellows and other young professionals everywhere with a unique opportunity to interact with their community.


Our Process

1. A Fellow or young professional has an idea on how they can impact their communities' youth through entrepreneurship

2. Startup Effect works with these Fellows and professionals to scope out their ideas and ensure mission alignment

3. Startup Effect provides capital and resources to propel the event / project forward

4. Event hosts launch their project and make a positive impact on their communities' youth

Quote from students.

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